What is Plantdrop?

We are an online marketplace for rare plants. As we started to look for interesting, rare plants online, we realized that there is a lack of online communities where buyers and sellers of rare plants exist. Unlike eBay and Etsy, we have plant specific filters for users to narrow down on a specific plant–like Monstera deliciosa albo borsigiana cutting. Our platform will allow plant enthusiasts like yourself to browse through plants without having to go through hundreds of paintings, earrings, and other items that are not actually plants.

Our Story

We ended up on Facebook where people bid really fast. And Etsy wasn’t working because we couldn’t filter for the plants we wanted. We really wanted a space of curated plants. Born during quarantine when we’re stuck inside and what you put in your environment makes a big impact on you. Throughout the process, we’d find gems of information here and there, but there is not one main hub for reliable, filtered information that helps buyers and sellers with plant care and shipping.

We want to help both buyers and sellers by informing them about plant care, how to ship plants, and other information.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at hello@plantdrop.com

You can follow us on Instagram @plantdrop

Plantdrop is an online marketplace for rare and interesting houseplants. We wanted to create a platform where users can browse through plants easily with plant-specific filters and for sellers to list plants easily.

We are also building a community of plant enthusiasts - where plant parents can share tips and tricks, share their list of wishlist plants, and show off the newest leaf that just unfurled.

We are here to inform both buyers and sellers. We get that for first time buyers, it can be quite uneasy to purchase a plant online - we want to help them know what to expect.

Plantdrop is Curated

We have interesting plants that you can’t find at your local gardening store. If you’re looking for a golden pothos, check a nearby big-box home and garden store. Many of our sellers import their rare and interesting plants from overseas and then rehabilitate them. Then when the plants are healthy enough to sell, they make their way to your home. Some rare plants may have been traded or bought locally as a cutting and grown from there.

Maybe you’ve seen the same plants over and over again at your local home and garden store. Looking for something more interesting? The reason why you buy online is because you can’t get these plants at your local big-box retail garden store.

High-demand plants that we see on Plantdrop are Philodendron pink princess, Monstera dubia, Monstera albo variegata, Rhaphidophora hayii, Anthurium warocqueanum, and Monstera adansonii variegata. To become a seller, sign up here.