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Whether you’ve already got an established plant business, you’ve been dipping your toes into Plant Purge social media groups, or dream of selling plants, here’s how to take that next step and grow a thriving plant business. To get started, enter your email below.

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How to Sell on Plantdrop

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Why Sell on Plantdrop?

As rare plant enthusiasts, we’ve noticed a lack of online spaces where people can find, sell and share their love for rare plants. After dozens of conversations with rare plant sellers, we’ve created this space with you in mind, knowing the hassles you face handling listings and transactions in social media groups. These forums don’t protect you in the event of a scam or flaky buyer. On Plantdrop, as a verified seller, your transaction is protected against scams, so you get paid no matter what.

Your experience selling plants should be just as joyful as welcoming a new plant into your home. That’s why we give you tips and tricks for listing and shipping your plants from some of the most savvy plant sellers around, ultimately saving you time and money.